Beautiful, relaxing and our yoga shala is the best you will ever see.

Not only the panoramic views, but also the breeze with our open plan.

The impressive 216m2 shala, with all wood flooring and star stone, was designed to easily accommodate 30-35 mats.

After yoga, take a short stroll to the white sand beach andthe clear waters of Ekas Bay or contemplate on the landscaped roof of the yoga centre. Maybe treat yourself in the Spa right next door.We also have a dedicated kitchen facility at the yoga centre.

Yoga classes are at times that suit you with general or private classes. Maybe the dawn surf is first, maybe the yoga.

Our “Yoga” or combined “Surf and Yoga” packages are favourites.

Our special yoga teachers

All classes will be led by our very special teachers Kerli Granholm and Saad. Kerli is resident at Planet from May to November. Kerli isa highly experienced and fully qualified yoga and aerobics instructor from Finland. Saad was trained in Lombok. They both bring great energy, positivity and passion to all the classes. Kerli has 20 years of aerobics teaching experience, sotalk to her and be creative about the type of workout you want.

Kerli can design a bespoke programme for the duration of your stay, allowing you to target specific body parts that may have experienced injuries or discomfort in the past. Or maybe shape your class around surfing

Yoga offerings

Hatha Yoga: gentle, slow and great for beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style where poses are held for longer.


Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa is the synchronization of breath and movement.


Ashtanga Yoga: Synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures. Typically fast paced, vigorous and physically challenging.


Power Yoga: Vigorous Vinyasa which, unlike Ashtanga, does not follow a set series of poses.


Yin Yoga: Slow-paced where poses are held for five minutes or longer.


Restorative Yoga: Gentle, relaxing and passive style which releases the body into stretches using props, including bolsters, blocks and straps.


Guided meditation: Complete relaxation of the body, emptying the mind and concentrating on the breath to shake off any lingering stress.


Pranayama: Breathing exercises which reduce tension and helps those suffering from insomnia. It increases concentration and energy levels, and maximises brain efficiency.