Our Road and Boat tours show you marvellous Lombok. You can go by road with our professional guide/drivers or simply head to our Boat Shop at Planet for a cool trip to see the many wonders of Ekas Bay. Perhaps you’ll find the Goddess Mandalika who is protecting our artificial reefs.


Sasak Village stroll

Our local villagers will welcome you in their traditional village

Southern Reef Bicycle Tour

A 2 hour guided loop cycle with world-class ocean and village views.

Wild West to Mataram, Senggigi or Gili

Go City if you can be bothered. Most guests won’t leave Planet!

Central Coast with shopping and pottery

Central Lombok and Kuta offers trinkets, arts and crafts

Our Remote and Beautiful Southern Reefs

Take a driver, hire a motor bike, ride a pushie or walk to this magic coast

Pink Beach and Bat Cave

Famous (mildly Pink) beach for locals and a small bat cave with great views

Desert Point surfing and rugged West Lombok

3-4 hours each way to test your surfing skills at scary Desert Point

Protected Forest and Waterfall

Beautiful icy waterfall and short trek through the natural forests of Rinjani

Early at the Fish Market

Smells, crazy and fun at the early morning market. Our chefs prepare what you buy.

Loud and Frenzied Traditional Stick fighting

A bout ends when someone bleeds. Absolutely noisy and genuine, but seasonal.

Road Tours
Road Tours


Aquaculture and Ekas fishing village

See the aquaculture cages with lobster and fish. Expensive, but you can buy

Snorkelling on the Ekas Coral Garden

A beautiful natural reef in Ekas Bay

Finding Mandalika

Kerry and Wildlife Conservation society built 24 artificial reefs for fish and lobster. A stone statue of Mandalika protects it.

Surf Breaks within Ekas Bay

Ride the surf boat to the many different Ekas Breaks

Southern Reef surf or kite

Great kiting at the south from May to Oct incl. with our instructors/guides

Futile Night Fishing Escapade

Destined to fail at night with a boat full of beer. Maybe buy from the local fishermen.

Boat Tours
Boat Tours
Boat Tours