(5 to 7 Nights)

If now is your time to learn to surf, irrespective of age, fitness or confidence in the water, Heaven’s surf school is the safest and most fun way to get you on to a board and catching waves. Words can’t describe the feeling of catching waves and how this can change your life. All we can say is that our surf instruction will give you one of your most memorable holidays.

There is also heaps on offer when you are not in the waves:

  • A massage every day
  • Unlimited access to our group yoga classes
  • A sightseeing trip. Pink beach, Tanjung Ringatt, waterfalls…you decide where and when
  • A lesson in Stand-Up-Paddle if you have never tried this before
  • A free Bintang after your surf – let’s face it you’ve worked hard and a cold beer after a surf is the best it’s ever going to taste.
  • We will give you a bunch of photos of you surfing, paddling, smiling

Our Surf Heaven retreat includes all of these:

  • Unlimited access to all our Surf School facilities – boards, leashes, wax, storage… the board you select is yours for as long as you want to learn on it. No changing onto different boards every day
  • Personalised Surf Instruction – 4 x 1:1 surf lessons of 1.5 hrs each with your own surf instructor. They are in the water with you the whole time…watching your every move, and you will see huge improvements in each session
  • Your instructor will give you a de-brief after the surf
  • We will give you a list of the surf safety videos to watch before you arrive – its best for you not to waste valuable water time on your holiday. But we will talk through the safety hints again to keep you safe
  • Unlimited access to all surfari boat trips – jump on any boat trip with other surfers to the breaks we take you to
  • We will give you a ten minute warm up routine to do before your surf…the body needs to be prepared

It also includes everything that is included in our Platinum package*:

  • Your own private accommodation – select from our Villas section
  • Unlimited delicious food from our restaurant, which has a wide range of healthy eating options
  • Transport to and from the resort
  • Unlimited access to our water sports facilities – surf boards, SUPs, kayaks
  • Unlimited access to all our Facilities – pools, mountain bikes, table tennis, tennis court

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