Surf Coach

Nigel Davis

Nigel Davis will join us from Mid April 2017 to lead our Surf School. He will be helping those who want to learn surfing for the first time, as well as those who are just starting out (or are maybe a bit rusty) and could benefit from his expertise on the technical side

A passionate surfer, Nigel comes directly from instructing at Go Ride a Wave on Australia’s surf coast where he has been for the last few years, surfing the well known breaks like Bells beach as well as a few well kept secret spots.

Nigel worked for several frenetic years with Quiksilver’s global Ecommerce team and has been a regular visitor to Heaven on the planet since his first time in 2007.

With an obsession for foam, when not surfing or practicing yoga, he can be found on his tablet checking out boards to add to his collection.