Night Surf

Due to lack of crowds, guests are surfing too much in the day and they have not wanted the night lights. So they are no longer available. Maybe one day!


Night surfing is an experience you will never forget. The water glistens with the moonlight, stars and the surfing lights. Sure, it’s not as bright as the day, and sometimes the sets might surprise you, but our break is so perfect that really doesn’t matter.


Each surfer is given a small water-proof flashlight (some guests bring their own). And we surf as a small group. Most often, people want to milk the sunset session for an hour or two more. So the lights come on at sunset.


We arrange night surfing on the previous day or same morning. We were the first resort in Indonesia to have night surfing. Now there’s Surfing at night in Bali also because they are tired of the crowds. Ours is more for the fun and experience.


Please see Rates/Surf for night surfing charges.