Saad is a long standing staff member who has worked for us throughout the years starting over 10 years ago. He began as our chef and introduced quality training for our young women in the kitchen.

He left us for a few years to pursue a career in the mining industry on Flores cooking for the staff working in the mines.

Recently married, Saad returned last year to help in our new café. We are now serving specialty coffees, teas, cakes and sometimes desserts. Saad makes these personally, all from scratch with quality ingredients. He has also made his mark with cocktails in the evenings or any time you feel like celebrating. You are on holidays after all! If there is something special you would like Saad will do his best to make it for you. If you have a special recipe please share it with him as he loves to learn about new flavours.

Some years ago, Heaven on the Planet sent Saad to Bali to learn about special massage techniques. The opportunity to learn new skills has been offered to many of the staff but only a few are courageous enough to venture out into the big wide world to do so. After some dedication from Saad and support from Kerry at Heaven on the Planet, Saad is now fully qualified to give traditional massage and beauty treatments. This includes facials, Thai and Balinese massage, body scrubs, warm stone massage, and relaxation massage. Please discuss with him any specialized treatments and he will make a recommendation to you.

In the last few years, again under the encouragement and financial support of Kerry and Heaven on the Planet, Saad went off for Yoga Teacher training. He is now a qualified Hatha yoga teacher and will be joining our Finnish yoga instructor Kerli to help with yoga classes. You may see him in class with Kerli or, if you would like to try SUP yoga, Saad is the one to ask. Prices are on our prices page or advertised in the glass cabinet in the restaurant.