Kerli Granholm

Introducing Kerli Granholm our new yoga teacher from Finland. Kerli joins us this year for six months starting 1 May 2017.

We were fortunate enough to meet Kerli on a recent trip to India. Kerli has been teaching yoga in Varkala, Kovalam and other parts of India for over five years. She is very health conscious as well as being down to earth, friendly and very approachable. Kerli wants to tailor programmes for our guests to suit individuals. As well as this she will be running group classes for guests who just want to join in and either do the occasional yoga class or a course of regular classes during the holidays with us.

Whatever you want, Kerli will have a yoga technique or style for you. Whether its one class, two classes or a course it will be available for you. She is an incredibly nice person and very highly skilled in yoga with different styles. These include Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga as well as Pilates. She is also an Ayurvedic Beauty Technician, Personal Trainer and a Sports Therapist. She is knowledgeable about nutrition and can help you to get healthy.

Kerli already sounds over qualified so it seems amazing that she has further strings to her bow. She has a good knowledge, written and spoken, in several languages. Finnish, English, Swedish, Estonian and Russian.

Don’t worry, Kerli loves to have other fun as well. We enjoyed a few mojitos in India together so she is human even if she sounds super human!