Our experienced drivers pick you up from the airport or any location of your choice in Lombok. Transport is complimentary from the airport for Platinum package guests staying 5 or more days.

We can even deliver flight tickets to your hotel in Bali (through Moira Healey), but it’s easy to book on Garuda. The morning flight GA450 departs Bali DPS at 11.20am and GA451 at 1:05pm. They’re large planes capable of taking all size surf boards. All other Garuda flights from DPS are in smaller planes and can only take boards less than 160 cm. Boards are free on Garuda.

Surfboards may not make it on Lion Air.Other flights via Jakata are OK, but you’ll suffer several hours extra traveling from Aussie/NZ.

If you are coming independently from Mataram, Senggigi or Gili, your journey will take you through Mataram, Praya, Keruak, Jerowaru, Pemongkong and down to Ekas and Lendang Terak. You turn into the resort at the beginning of Lendang Terak village. If you need to ask for directions, say you are looking for “Planet” and we have sign posts on the road.

Alternatively, you may come on the scenic to Awang from Kuta on the west side of Ekas Bay. Our boat will come over and pick you up.